Hello world! Welcome to Ideal Clerks!

Welcome the world to Ideal Clerks!

Our website is powered by freelancers – and myself IdealMike Level 3X seller and provider of SEO and SMM services both on SEOClerks and through this website.

But more than that, while we’re young we have a few goodies lined up and planned for this site such as a blog for providing news articles, tips, tricks and more for freelancers new and old. Affiliate and social media marketing tips, website traffic generation and marketing tips and more for all things based on and around the freelance and SEO industry.

About Ideal Mike

30 something college drop out. Self achieved entrepreneurial freelancer and professional SEO and SMM provider. And as said, Level 3X seller and provider of SEO and SMM services both on SEOClerks and through this website.

I’ve been blogging and doing affiliate marketing since the days of dial up! It’s only in the last 5+ years that I’ve been freelancing full time thanks to the amazing SEO freelance marketplace that is SEOClerks.

Other than that I’m just a regular dude that loves to help people, build bridges and learn and share what I’ve learned with others that could and want to benefit from it. Especially when it comes to SEO and affiliate marketing knowledge and information. Plus I like to try new things out, put them to the test, especially those top 10 or even top 100+ how to’s on things like affiliate marketing tips, tips, tricks, methods and guides etc. So you can expect articles like that in our blog. Latest guides,  important news to freelancers, SEO’s, and other random internet news, banter and fluff! Crypto, Bitcoin news articles etc.

When I’m not doing online world stuff, such as updating my own sites or something, working on my own clients or the clients I have on SEOClerks, I’m probably just chilling out and day dreaming somewhere. Playing the console, cooking,  eating, playing, sleeping & repeating! I’m not a real keep fit fanatic but I do bike ride and run a lot, and sometimes and play footy on the green if you’re up for a game?

What is SEOClerks?

For anyone that doesn’t already yet know, SEOClerks is a marketplace where you can buy many different types of freelance services from thousands of different freelancers from around the world. It’s a level driven system where the best freelancers and sellers are the ones with the highest levels, the most sales, positive ratings / feedback etc. And as such the most trusted and reliable.

Well if you need something doing, some kind of job that you can’t or don’t want to do yourself. Some freelance SEO / SEM / SMM / SMO service. No matter how big or small. You can probably get it done for you on SEOClerks. If not by myself, and yes I’m available for hire anytime! I’ve not retired yet! Then from someone else. You can probably find a service for it already and just order it or create a custom job request and freelancers with the skills or experience and criteria you require and specific can bid on it for you so you can hire them for the job. 😀 It’s a great place that helps many people to get ahead and succeeed. Both buyers and sellers and all!

How can Ideal Clerks help me?

Are you a webmaster and or blogger? Do you own and want to promote and expand and grow your business and get more traffic, clients and sales? Want to rank higher in the Google search engine? Need some writing work done or something else like marketing and promotion and more?  Want any or all of that and the above and more?

Then you will be able to find that and more on Ideal Clerks. A knowledge bank of useful content articles covering many industries with some of that interactive stuff like polls, downloads, PDF’s, Podcasts and webinars, Twitter chats etcetera. A marketplace of thousands of services to search and browse through and choose from.  Ways to get involved and promote yourself and or own business and sell your own services. A community discussion forum covering many different parts of the freelance and SEO and affiliate and money making industry etc.

So register and sign up with us for all of that.

Follow us on social media and all of that.

Subscribe to our newsletter and all of that.

And we’ll see you around!

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