How to make a lot of money as an SEO Reseller using SEOClerk, Legiit and other Freelance Marketplaces

Make money online by freelancing on SEOClerks and get made for life? Why not when many are!

How to do what I do and make money as a freelancer on SEOClerk and other freelance marketplaces as I do, as I and many others do many so much better and bigger that started off like me or you did?

You just, do, if you do it! How much you need to do, to make it start working, and go on to work for you, depends on you.

I was unemployed at first. And just looked up ways to provide a service of some kind as a business. Just on a whim. I used to look into how you built websites so I could have my own. Fast forward 15 odd years and now I have web design skills and marketing and SEO skills and knowledge. I have 10+ years digital marketing and freelancing experience.

I’ve lived the dream baby! I’ve built up this empire from scratch. And now I’m handing it all over to you! LOL right?

Maybe you can do better and go bigger with it. My secret is, just be unique. I try to provide unique services to people. Services where afterwards, when it’s all done for them, and I’ve been paid. They have something to show for their money. Something that lasts forever and goes on helping them the longer it’s there. That’s why I mostly stick to providing SMM services (Social Media Marketing) as I’ve done a lot of it other the years and know and understand it and trust in it. It’s something that when done consistently pays off for those that do. So it’s something that is well in demand but that is just pure honest digital marketing work for people that need it.

But you gotta work for it!

You gotta streamline!

Resources come in handy too!

When you make sales and get orders and clients. That order your gigs or hire you for something. Well you will have to be able to do it and then deliver it to them. You won’t get paid otherwise obv. You’ll have to get it done however you know how to. Whether it’s yourself doing it for them. Or you outsource it to someone else. By reselling some other service. Some times though, and unless you have done it a few times now and know better, and depending on what you’re selling, you may have to work for it sometimes. Work yourself to get it done. Whether it’s working by just managing orders and delivering correct orders or it’s doing the work yourself. Or both. And what if you get lots of orders at once and get really busy? What if you get a bit bogged under and end up late delivering or hard to manage and cope with it all? When clients get awkward and you lose track and get overwhelmed with it all? How would you cope? What if it was constant? And required working up to 12 hours or more a day on your computer? Would you be ready for that? Or would you have a mental breakdown LOL

Or would you be loving it? Loving getting new orders every day. Seeing your daily and total earnings going up throughout the day. Only having to actually spend about an hour if that if you’re not feeling it and still manage. Once you’ve streamlined the whole reselling thing or providing something yourself. It’s just a matter of listing advertising selling and processing it. Streamlining it as much as possible to make the whole process quick and easy.

That’s what I do and hardly spend that much time a day even sat at my computer.

You can do it too for free. Nothing to buy. No money to spend. A completely free way to make legitimate money as a digital marketing freelancer. By just duplicating what other people do. By just copying and doing what I and many others do. That all them freelancers out there are doing right now. Tapping into the billions spent on it by people and businesses worldwide.

All by just selling yourself on SEOClerks.

Let’s get started.

First things first!

5 steps to success.

Step 1.

You need to create 1 account.

On SEOClerks using this link.

Step 2.

Confirm your email address.

Step 3.

Send me your username.

Step 4.

Go here to redeem $5 in free funds money using your unique code.

Step 5.

What do you want to do? Get stuck in and start selling immediately? Or improve your chances of selling and being successful first?

A – Start selling and making money, I’ll learn and work it out as I go.

B – Tell me some more tips and stuff to do so people will trust me more and actually take me seriously as a seller first before I list my first service.

A – Honestly it’s easy to see, if you look closely enough for long enough and in the right places in the right ways, just what’s hot and what’s not. What’s popular, what’s selling. Just by the user ratings. By the freelancers positive recommendations and stuff. What are they selling? Are they selling services for a price that seems to be only a fraction of what it can and does sell for else where?

Because you can find services like that because there are people that can provide SEO and or SMM services etc in some way. Things that can sell for $50 can be purchased from as little as $5 from a reseller of it. You can think of resellers as tradesmen that buy and sell in bulk. Except they have an unlimited inventory. They can sell them as cheap as chips just to get a sale. Or in most cases, by someone who is willing and happy to do something for a much cheaper price just for the money if they can!

In fact there’s a lot of great humble people where $1 to them is like $5 to us and some even more. As such resourceful, honest and reliable people. Well I know and work with a lot of resellers and most are very cheap and very hard working and good people. They are your bread and butter!

The point is, all you have to do is find and identify a cheap and popular service. One with a lot or orders and is in demand. Then just resell that service. But sell it for more. Obviously..And make sure your description and image etc is different. Obviously.. You can’t just do that you got to repackage it! Make your own version of what it is. Sell it in your own way. Put your own spin on it. Add something new to it. And then promote the shiznit out of it to drive sales and orders for it.

Then when you get an order, when you make a sale from a client. You’ll need to buy it from whoever or whatever service it is. Then when they deliver it to you, just check it and make sure it’s good and deliver it to your buyer in the order page.

That’s it! Now just keep doing that for The same and other different services. And there’s many! Do it over and over again and you’ll likely go on to get many orders to them, make many sales and clients and have a subsidiary income for life. Up to you! I might make it sound a bit easier than it actually is. And there’s no guarantee you will. Some people and up dabbling and taking a couple stabs at it before they pick it up and break in to it.

But they never had IdealClerks though! They never knew this info before and had all the secrets handed over and spoonfed to you.

B – It’s all about your image! Image is everything. You need to get people’s attention and then get them to trust you. Most freelance marketplaces are level driven and where people only mainly trust people that are the highest level sellers.

But you can level up pretty quick and if you’re bright and a little bit cocky even. If you are savvy and can follow a trend. You can still get sales even if you are only a level 1 seller. If you have something for sale that people want then people will still buy it regardless to your level status.

You want to focus on improving it as much as possible to improve your chances of people trusting you and buying your gigs and freelance services. So make sure you visit and check out and understand how levels on SEOClerk work.

Now do whatever it says you need to do to level up to level 2 and level 3 etc. Most people can level up to level 3 pretty easily and quickly so you should be able to eventually too.

So do that and do what else you can do to make yoir profile look more professional! To make it look used and active. Make sure to fill in a bit description. And list your skills as keywords too. Make sure to upload an avatar. A professional one or anything really. Your company logo perhaps. Bright strong colours work best. You can change your profile background too. You may as well. In fact go ahead and make it your homepage as the more you’re on it, the more you’ll make!

Obviously make sure email is confirmed. And do add your mobile number too. You can so some optional things to make your account more secure like upload photo ID or set a secondary password etc.

Make sure to enter your PayPal email address that you want to get paid to. And or add any other method of being able to get paid such as PayPal or whatever.

A wealth of information can be found about every part of the site and how things work if you get stuck or aren’t sure whst something is for in the Community FAQ. Just search for it there or ask and someone will probably tell you pretty quick.

So now you’ve done all of that. Your profile and account is set up and looking good. To actually make money you will need to actually sell stuff! How much you sell and how well you do is up to you. But if you are savvy, you can find and identify hugely popular and in demand services that people need and find out how to provide it for them. At a profit to you of course.

So you either already know about some type of freelance service that’s in demand. And you know how to get it for peanuts. All you got to do is be the middleman. And just provide and completely seamless experience. The process literally goes from

Identify the demand
Find a good cheap supplier
Relist and resell for higher
Get a sale.
Buy it and get it.
Deliver to buyer.

Ideally you want to do this for many different in demand services. And have multiple services for it too. Whether it’s some simple and basic writing job. Or a full shebang SEO and or SMM campaign. From basic single things to many extras bolted on too.

This can be for services you’ve identified and tapped into into with your own service. Or just reselling other ones. But man you need to get into this its a piece of cake! Just get your first service up and start making money!

Good luck to you mate you got this! If you got this far in then I have faith in you!

If you soak all this up and take to it there is no reason why you cannot make a tidy steady residual income from it.

Let’s pause a minute. What have we learned so far? What have you done about it so far? What goals and targets have you set for it? Think about it. Because if you don’t have any goals or targets you won’t reach them! So make them!

Heck man write them down time! Stick them on the wall next to your computer. Create and set goals and targets for what you need to do or want to achieve. Obviously it’s to make a lot of sales and a certain amount of money every month. Then write it down. Make them something you can physically see and read. This will help to make them appear more like real life things. More like something you can see with your own eyes as words. Words that have reason and purpose and meaning and value. Words that get you from A-B. Words that make up your goals and targets that you can and should achieve!

Goal and target examples

Goal: Create at least 5 different services.
Goal: Promote my service in at least 100 big Facebook Groups in a week
Goal: Earn at least $500.
Goal: Earn at least $1000 etc etc
Goal: Earn at least 5 positive ratings
Goal: Get my first returning client
Goal: Sale something for more than $100
Goal: Earn at least $100 in affiliate commission
Goal: Earn at waste $500 In affiliate commission etc

Target: Get and complete 250 sales
Target: Reach level 2 status yay!
Target: Reach level 3 status!
Target: Become an elite level 3X seller
Target: List at least 20 services
Target: Earn at least $1000

Those are just some examples. Maybe a bit too un realistic for the real newbies. So probably more realistically start with something like:

Goal: Create at least 1 different service
Goal: Earn at least $100 since starting
Goal: Bag at least 5 positive ratings
Goal: Get 5 positive recommendations
Goal: Whatever whatever

For me my goals and targets are more like that x many more or

Target: Get and complete 5000 sales
Target: Become an elite level 5+ seller
Target: List at least 100 services.
Target: Earn at least $100,000

Currently I’m almost and half way there and well on track! I’m not the biggest seller but I’m fairly well known and established on several marketplaces but don’t do all the things that the biggest even older sellers do. Like most things those through the doors early that are the ones that tap into the demand on it and can provide good services and that are the biggest sellers and earn the most money. But then there’s those top affiliates too that earn big money from just referring people through them. And those that do both. And a lot more.

There’s just so much opportunity through these marketplaces since they have a large demand made up of millions of buyers for many different things for anyone to tap into it. I love that expression. It’s literally like tapping into a barrel and getting beer on tap! Well what else do you spend all your money on!? ,)

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

How hungry are you for success?

Just for some extra cash in your pocket?

You can do it if I can do it.

You can do what I do.

Better than I do probably lol..

You can do it on your own by yourself for yourself. Go solo and be your own boss.

Or you can team up and hire an office full of people to do it for you for commission. And still be the boss! 😀

But just go it alone for now. Follow the info here and find your way to tap into the gift that just keeps on giving freelance marketplace that is SEOClerk.

And of course other platforms too such as Legiit and Fiverr and more.

Do you have any skills at all? No? Okay no problem! You’re hired!

Are you someone with any skills? Are you skillfull and knowledgeable in and experienced at something? Do you have any talents or any kind of networking marketing skills and knowledge? Are you business minded and have a professional working outlook and attitude? If you answer no to all of these questions it’s fine. You’re still tired if you want the job? 🙂

My point is, you don’t have to have any skills or any if that to be a freelancer in the digital marketing freelance industry. Just do what other freelancers are doing even if you don’t know a thing about what you’re doing for people!

Honestly, sure, it’s good obviously if sellers that sell SEO services do know a thing or two about SEO like.. yeah. But most buyers only care that the work is done as advertised and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. We’re all still learning anyway really so just provide a great seamless service to all people and you can learn more about digital marketing and freelancing and SEO etc as you go. If you get a question from.a buyer you don’t really know the answer to. Just ask your seller guy it and use their reply as the answer all seamless like.

Some freelancing tips

Just be an awesome seller.
Be an awesome freelancer.
Be the best you can be.
Be honest and transparent.
Be responsive and quick
Be quick to respond
Be quick to deliver
Deliver as advertised
Deliver on time

List out your skills
Upgrade your Resume
Brand yourself
Go self employed
Go full time
Go hard or go home

And there you have it. I hope that it reaches you and you find this life changing or something. That would be awesome to hear about!

If you need any help or have any questions about anything here for me let me know in a comment below or send me message here or on one my social profiles and pages.

Good luck for now and to your

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