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Social Media, It’s a Pretty Big Deal if You’re One of these People

In this day and age if you’re not using the social media in some way shape or form. Well then you’re not using social media! Or possibly you’re probably from an ancient long lost and cut off tribe or you’ve been stuck down a hole for the last 20 odd years..

And if you’re not using it somehow and or you’re not on any social media sites yourself, well you’re not really considered to be anyone important or someone that has an identity of some kind that can be associated as a normal person today. Not if you live in the modern world in an advanced city like London, Tokyo, NY or wherever there are computers laptops tablets smartphones and other devices that make use of or interact with any social media site, app or otherwise anyway!

Of course, social media is just a tool like any other. A tool to communicate with. To use to commune and interact with others on a virtual digital way using the internet. Every culture, race, tribe and civilization has and does have it’s own ways of communicating. Of connecting with other people.

I guess you could say, even ancient civiliations thousands of years ago had various forms of social interaction with other people in some way, shape or form. Be it through mass gatherings, to leaving messages behind in places for others to see and respond to with their own, to paintings and handprints on the walls of caves. From sending smoke signals to swinging something around your head crocodile Dundee style!

It’s all a form of social interaction with other people. Whether it’s with just one person or to a group of people. Or the whole world. Or at least, whoever is able to receive your message. To read it and or hear it. To respond to it and or interact with it in some way.

And when it comes to people. We survive by learning of new things. New events, social, public, world news etc. From birthday party notices, after party pictures and other mundane happenings. Past, present and future. To important local and international news, information, updates and announcements etc. And that’s always usually helpful to know about!

So when it comes to social media, it’s just another way of, tool to, form of communicating all these things and more, to either single specific people or the whole world and whoever is listening!

And since social media is made up of people. People from all around the world. It’s used by people for so many different reasons too. Whether it’s for personal or commercial or causal reasons. For those that want to brag about what they had cor breakfast or show off their new rainbow coloured socks. Those that love to socialise online with family and friends, share pictures and ¬†funny videos and stuff.

And those who use it for commercial, business reawons such as promoting their website or some affiliate product or something like social media marketers do. To those that use it for more pure less selfless reasons like charities and good causes such as crowdfundng campaigns. And for all these types of people, social media is and can be very important and helpful for them in many different ways.

So as you can see, social media is and can be a very important to many people in many ways. It’s one of the most useful and used forms of communication with the social public medium that is in the world (thanks to the internet) that we know of today. And we know that no other civilization before us has ever had either of them except ours!

What type of social media user are you?

A personal user or a business user?

Or both perhaps?

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