Today’s final total sales earnings report for 4/10/18

Today I have have had an average but moderate day in sales, orders and earnings.

Today’s sales report

Today I’ve made $202 in sales.

Today’s sales are made up of orders on SEOClerk and Legiit.

I made 8 sales on SEOClerk totalling $142.

And 1 sale on Legiit totalling $60.

Todays orders were by 4 new clients and 5 by returning clients. I love their loyalty!

Total outgoings today to outsource and complete the clients orders is $18. Only needed some basic things doing the rest I can do myself.

Today I earned nothing from affiliate commission earnings. But I don’t actually have a lot of affiliates under me right now. It’s a great money maker and I hope to plan to step up my affiliate promo for it…

Today’s total sales earnings $202.00.

Several big orders cleared today so I withdrew and banked $500.

Leaving some funds in to pay for to complete other orders. Orders I hope I get when I’m asleep to wake up to.

You can’t beat a morning that goes from coffee – sunrise – orders – procrastinating – orders – eat – sleep – repeat! 😉

Was able to deliver some service orders from today and before as well with several rated and completed positively cheers!

Here’s to tomorrow! Fridays can be good days. It’s pay day for a lot of folk so it’s #investmentfriday for them and they want the best from me so I’ll be there!


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